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Open for applications

Open for applications

Open for applications

Best deal in the world

Best deal in the world

Best deal in the world

Soma Capital S24 Fellowship

Soma Capital S24 Fellowship

Soma Capital S24 Fellowship

Apply to receive 100k uncapped

Apply to receive 100k uncapped

There have been 11 $100b+ businesses started in the US since 1990. There will undoubtedly be more over the next decades ahead - our mission is to partner with all of them. We believe that the best generational builders bring the following core traits:

  • Ruthless efficiency

  • Maniacal sense of urgency

  • 10x product differentiation

  • Customer obsessed

  • Technically brilliant

  • Fearless, relentless, high pain threshold

  • Learning machine - voracious intellectual curiosity

  • See the future - predict huge wave of a platform shift

If accepted, teams have the opportunity to receive $100k in funding from Soma Capital at the most founder-friendly terms possible. Soma Cap has the firepower to keep supporting you across the full path to IPO and the early stages are just the beginning for us

If this is you, we want to support the mission!

Companies we've funded

Companies we've funded

Program overview & logistics

Program overview & logistics

The program consists of sessions over the course of a few weeks to get started with the building journey and scale enduring companies. The Soma team will become your best allies to establish company foundations and make a huge dent in the universe with a product that touches billions, leveraging our years of experience building and working with the top companies of our generation. The program also culminates in a demo day where founders get to showcase their products in front of potential customers, investors and the community. Programming activities are included but not limited to:

Our pitch

  • Best deal in the world: $100k uncapped, no board seats, no ownership targets, minimized dilution

  • We can help you swiftly incorporate and get set up

  • We’ll get you all your first customers. We have +700 portfolio co’s to start introducing you to, and unmatched Fortune 500 company connections (see below)

  • We’ll help you hire with unmatched talent network access. We have “scouts” on all the top undergrad campuses to help you cherry pick top talent

  • We can help put future rounds together as needed - we’ll bring you optionality, as we’re backed by key partners from places like Sequoia, NEA, Insight, Iconiq, IVP, DST, Tiger, Greenoaks, B Cap etc

How to apply

Any interested teams should fill out this link here which includes questions on your company, progress, founding team, and a short video pitch! Finalists will be interviewed and selected based on holistic review of interactions and materials


April 12th - April 30th

Applications open

Rolling acceptances until start date

May 6th


Most teams will be notified by May 6th

May 13th - June 22nd


Join sessions from May 13th - June 22nd

June 28th


TBA following programming completion

How are teams chosen?

We’re looking for technical, brilliant entrepreneurs: you’ve been building stuff your whole life, you have a unique ability to “see the matrix” where the world is heading, and you have ideas on major pain points and you’re fired up to solve them by building software. You have an ability to sell and articulate a crystal clear vision and inspire others to organize around you and you’re not hungry, but starving to relentlessly create and make the biggest dent in the universe imaginable. You’re fearless, confident, know how to balance taking feedback with being unshakeable in unique outlier views, you have strong and inspiring technical skills, a competitive “will to win” and you dream massive - because dreams are future realities.