<aside> 🚀 We review applications on a rolling basis. Our next cohort begins in Fall 2022.


World’s #1 Fellowship Deal & Program, $100k uncapped:

If accepted, win $100k immediately (no valuation cap, no discount no price pressure) to build your best ideas. Launch an MVP and we’ll keep funding you w/ a potential additional $500k at 20m Cap offer (you’re NOT obligated to take it!). Soma Cap can keep supporting all the way to your IPO with growth investments and we can bring you Tier 1 VC’s to lead your rounds - we’ve been very close for decades with the top folks @ Tiger, Sequoia, a16z, Accel, NEA, Insight, etc. from a lifetime of building and investing in startups ourselves!

Spring cohort: programming until June 30th & unlock more funding

Fall cohort: programming until Dec 31st & unlock more funding

Focus: B2B / SaaS, web3, fintech, space & frontier tech, and consumer - we are generalists!

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To help RUN the Soma Fellow program email team@somacap.com with your linkedin, a few lines on “your life journey so far,” what you’re most proud of, what themes and thesis you’re excited about, 3 Soma Companies that you’re most excited about, 3 “other” non Soma startups that excite you and why.

We’re looking for technical, brilliant “entrepreneurs”: you’ve been building stuff your whole life, you have a unique ability to “see the matrix” where the world is heading, and you have ideas on major pain points and you’re fired up to solve them by building software. You have an ability to sell and articulate a crystal clear vision and inspire others to “organize” around you and you’re not hungry, but “starving” to relentlessly create and make the biggest dent in the universe imaginable. You’re a little crazy —perhaps “obsessed”— with building things and have tender love and care in your craft. Does this sound like you? Further:

You’re fearless, confident, know how to balance taking feedback with being unshakeable in unique “outlier” views, you have strong and inspiring technical skills, a competitive “will to win” and you dream massive - because dreams are future realities, like Bruce Lee says


Additional Perks for Soma Fellows:

Customers: Soma Cap has invested in +500 startups across all sectors and geographies, many of which can be your first customers. See here for our full “hot list” of portfolio companies that are easily accessible to you.

Unlimited 24/7 office hours with the Soma Capital team - see here for team member bios.

We work very closely with the following investors who have led rounds of Soma portfolio companies (tens of billions!). Some are also investors in Soma, aka our alliances are strong!

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